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Lubbock Texas Tort Claims Act lawyers may pursue cases against state the Texas, the City of Lubbock or Lubbock County, Texas. In order to accomplish this task, they must follow the rules set forth in the Texas Tort Claims Act.

Texas Tort Claims Act Lubbock Attorneys

Subchapter A. General Provisions

Subchapter B. Tort Liability of Governmental Units

Subchapter C. Exclusions and Exceptions

Subchapter D. Procedures

  • Sec. 101.101. Notice.
    • ALSO NOTE - That Lubbock County, Texas has an additional Notice provision. It reads:
Sec. 8. Exemption from liability for damages.

The City shall not be liable on account of any claim for specific performance, breach of contract or damages to the person or to any property, or for any character of tort, unless the person asserting such claim shall give the City written notice of such claim and of the facts upon which it is based within six (6) months from the time it is claimed such cause of action arose, and no such suit shall be instituted or maintained on any such claim until the expiration of ninety (90) days from the time such notice shall have been given. (Amended 4/1/1930; 5/7/1988)
Case law annotations–Minor was excused from the notice requirement in section 8, above. Lubbock v. Onley, 498 S.W. 2d 429 (1973). Section 8 does not apply to damages for breach of contract. Geo. L. Simpson & Co. v. Lubbock, 17 S.W. 2d 163 (1928).

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Please visit our Federal Tort Claims Act Lawyer page for an understanding of the difference between the state action and the federal action.

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